Following are the highlights of our main service areas. Please get in touch if you have additional requirements.
Go to Consulting


We are the experts! And we are ready to support you at any stage of your development life cycle. Better yet, we are particularly happy working from end to end.

Go to Outsourcing


We have arrangement for supporting development, remote IT operations, administration and operations tasks. Please get in touch to discuss any type of Business Process Outsourcing.

Go to Apps


From fun to serious functions apps, we have the resources to get them done. From design to features, you will start feeling the difference starting from the specs.

Go to Deployments


Our consultants have been involved in implementing and deploying some of the most complex systems. We would be happy to discuss back-end or on-site resources for solution providers.

How it's all done...

Being a consulting and outsourcing solutions provider has its merits and demerits. We have a very diverse set of expertise and experience in matching our skill portfolio to the work. This strength comes at the price of being external to our client organization. Admitting that we cannot match the level of communication and availability that an in-house team can achieve, we adopt the right mix of technologies and procedures to cover for this. We would be more than happy to discuss our development model with you. If interested, drop us a line...

  • We have huge experience in providing IT and Software consulting. We have put that in practice to deliver quality in our work.

  • We are highly focused on delivery. We adopt various practices within our organization to ensure we deliver.

  • Based on the type of work, we can save you up to 75% of your IT budget.

  • We have learned that success of most work is through communication. Knowing ahead is one of the keys.